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Healing and Listening

It’s been awhile since I’ve put any words together that felt like they were meant for anyone but me. March was a tough month for me … lots of inner work catalyzed by external circumstances. I needed to just tend my own very tender self.

In the months since, I’ve been allowing myself space to be quiet, to not produce anything, to listen in to what has meaning and joy for me. It started out as “I’ll just take a couple of weeks to recover” and here we are, four months later.

I am so grateful for this time in my life when I can, to a certain extent, choose where I want to put my energy, and whether I want to be visible in the world or not. These months of tending myself have given me space to evaluate what I want this blog, and my connected Instagram account, to be and why I would continue to put energy into them.

I will forever remain a work in progress, so what follows is just what is with me today. This blog, this website and my social media are my spaces to put as much or as little of myself into the world as seems right at any given moment. I hope my website in general serves as a way for potential clients to get a flavour of who I am and what has meaning for me.

I do have several business streams that I would like to see grow, but only as ways of being of service in the world. I know what conventional wisdom says about what I “must do” to “build my platform”, and that just isn’t where my energy wants to go. I want my online presence to be tools I use, not taskmasters that demand productivity of me.

As a writer, I long for people to read the words I write and be nourished by them. Yes, I would like my words to reach more than five people; but on the other hand, if those five people find comfort or encouragement in what I’ve written, that delights me.

I recently listened to a podcast on which Jean Shinoda Bolen was a guest. She spoke of what she calls “the dandelion principle”, which is that we put out into the world what has meaning and value for us, and trust that it will be blown where it will take root. I love that image. I blow my little seeds of thought, contemplation or delight into the world, and where they go and who they touch is beyond my control or even knowledge. I just release them and let the winds of Spirit do the rest.

In these months of personal tending, I’ve had quite a few ”dandelion seeds” take root in my heart, and I look forward to sharing more of them in this blog and on my website in the coming weeks. I‘m so grateful for those of you who keep coming back to see what my latest thoughts are. Thank you for being here.

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