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Letting Love In

We have a schedule to meet today. Accordingly, we got up earlier than either of us was quite ready for, and both of us were focussed on being on the road by a particular time.

Coffee is an important and comforting part of my morning ritual. It needs to be decaf, out of respect to my nervous system, and I prefer it be espresso-based. Yes, my coffee tends to be a high-maintenance event.

In deference to our schedule, I had stated that I would just grab some of the brew offered by the hotel so we could be on the road more quickly, as we are meeting friends for brunch. On the way to the preferred gas station, we noticed my preferred coffee vendor off to the right. My favourite Person and Designated Driver offered to circle the block so we could stop.

In much less time than it takes to tell the story, I had a choice to make. Would I accept the offer of love being extended to me?

To be honest, my first impulse was to decline the offer, to “not be a bother”. This is in spite of knowing my Favourite Person delights in indulging me. Dismissing my own wishes is so much of an emotional habit that it’s almost a reflex.

I’m learning to choose, not just react. And in this split second opportunity, I said “yes” to my loved one’s expression of care.

That’s what pilgrimage is all about—allowing myself to be jostled out of my habitual reactions and perspective. Morning coffee helps.

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