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Morning Reminders

One of things I enjoy about winter (and the list is not long!) is that sunrise happens late enough in the day that I can be awake for it without setting an alarm. I recently rearranged a room in my home so that I can watch the progression of light every morning.

What is it about the sunrise that speaks to me so?

When colour splashes across the sky, it starts my day with beauty. I pause to appreciate the intense colours, and I feel myself exhale appreciation.

I also love the way the sky-scape changes from moment to moment as the new day is being born. It reminds me that change is an integral part of living, and that each moment is worth noticing. It also reminds me that if I missed the beauty of the moment just passed, I have a fresh opportunity in this one I'm in.

Sunrise isn't always dramatic and breathtaking. Some days, it's just a faint wash of light in the clouds, gradually brightening up the sky. Even these sunrises stir something in me. They remind me that light is on the way.

Be they dramatic or subtle, sunrises remind me of my Truth ... that I am more than this moment and that I am fully held, fully loved in this moment. They help me feel all that I am, and remind me that I am enough--enough to hold my own uncertainties. Enough to be both courageous and afraid, vulnerable and guarded, unsteady and strong, open and resistant.

Sometimes just a hint is all it takes to remind me of my Truth.

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