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Noticing Beauty

In this process of rediscovering my inner voice, learning to hear my own Truth and express it into the world, I have discovered that Beauty is one of my staunchest allies.

Beauty can be flamboyant, but rarely is she raucous. Some days, she is as subtle as a baby's sigh. At other times, she makes the sky so vibrant with colour that strangers remark on it to one another. She shows up in the texture of a cloud-soft sweater, in the harmony of musical notes dancing together in my favourite song, in the taste of pesto made from garden-fresh basil, in the fragrance of a freshly-opened bag of coffee beans, the the exquisite layers of rose petals.

While she is my staunchest ally, never is she intrusive. Always, always, she waits for me to notice her. When I do so, my breath deepens with awe. My body stills with wonder. My heart opens ... and I feel the presence of another companion--Delight.

Sometimes Beauty's companionship makes me want to paint, or dance, or photograph or write. Sometimes it feels like enough that I have simply noticed, that I have let her gift touch me. Always, I feel nourished for having paid attention.

This morning, it was the hoar frost on the trees in my back yard, the birds dancing in and out of the branches, taking turns at the suet block, the ice fog softening the contours of my neighbourhood. Beauty is here, and I am grateful.

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