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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

When I started using hashtags on Instagram a few years ago, #rememberingmytruth was one of the first ones, and my most frequently used since then. It also seems like a fitting first entry for my new blog.

Connecting with my truth, what is authentic for me, has always been a tricky venture. I was raised to believe that truth is what someone else tells me it is. Truth can be anything--answers to the Big Questions like, "Is there a God?" or mundane details like, "Did I respond appropriately to that person's morning greeting?" The critical voice in my head (strangely similar to voices of "authority" in my past) was always quick to tell me where I failed to be "good enough" or "kind enough" or any number of other "enoughs" and all of them referenced someone else's opinion.

But in the last decade, I've started practicing listening for my Truth. This is what is True for me in this moment. It isn't a rule or a law. It's what is aligned with what my intuition, my heart and my intelligence know to be of value in the present. It involves a lot of listening for my inner knowing, rather than knee-jerk reactions, especially those impulses borne out of a compulsion to be liked or approved of.

This is what I am about, now fully into the middle of my life. This is what I seek to discover in my explorations of spirituality, energy medicine, and the many other things that interest me. This is what I seek to offer to others in the form of compassionate listening, either in spiritual direction or personal coaching.

#rememberingmytruth shows up as it does in my social media because something in what I'm posting helps me remember. Along with fun details from my life, I want my social media presence, and my physical presence in the world, to be about what is True for me today. This isn't about facts, or beliefs. It's about showing up just as I am where I am, knowing that because I am alive, I am enough.

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