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Thank you for your Light

I think a lot about light these days.

I’m noticing that each day has a little more daylight in it. Mornings are feeling a little brighter. Evenings feel a tiny bit lighter.

And … the days feel grey. I’m not depressed. I’ve been there. This isn’t that.

I am missing the coloured lights of the holidays. I am missing the shine and sparkle of celebration.

I think what I’m missing most is a sense of new beginning which January usually brings me. There are new things sprouting in my life, new things I’m deeply grateful for and excited about.

There is also weight to living in this moment … a weight that was with me during the holidays … a weight that seems to be growing rather than diminishing. I feel like I have begun 2022 with a trudge, rather than a skip.

And that’s okay. January in the northern hemisphere is a time of trudging. Boots are heavy. This year, snowbanks are high. Paths are drifted deep.

I find myself looking for light … watching the morning skyline, even when there’s no colour in the sunrise. Scanning for the moon when I step outside for my evening walk. Lighting candles as I sit at my desk during the day. Watching for stars as dusk gives way to night.

There’s something about the light that makes my weighted feet feel a little less weighted. My heavy heart lifts a bit, and I remember that I am supported, that I am never alone.

This is when my thoughts turn toward those who have been light to me in the past year, those whose presence, albeit mostly virtual, have helped me remember my own truth. Some of them offer profound reflections as I share my heart. Others show up as a text saying, “I’m thinking about you,” or a funny note in my inbox. Some are like a blazing fire in the fire pit. Others are more like pinpoint starlight. They are all light, and I am so very grateful for each of them.

And you … if you are reading this, I am grateful for you. Knowing you are interested in what I feel and think and say … you are warmth for this writer’s heart. Thank you for being here with me.

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