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Story Circle

As human beings, we love stories. They entertained us through movies, books, conversations and even the news. They are also how we create meaning from the circumstances of our lives. 

Explore your story

We often move through life unaware of the stories we are telling ourselves about our experiences. Events occur and we react to them. We assume that what we think or feel about what has happened is the complete truth.

Story Circle is an opportunity to engage with our stories in a supportive environment that helps us explore their layers. Teaching followed by writing prompts and quiet time will help you put your experiences into words and then reflect on what you have written.

Share Your Story

Telling our story to another, and having that story heard and received is transformative.

In the safe and confidential container of the Story Circle, you will have an opportunity to tell a piece of your personal story, if you wish to do so. No one will insist you share.

Workshop Dates

Story Circle will take place over three evenings, via Zoom.

New dates will be announced

for February 2022

$75 is the fee for all three evenings. 

To be notified of the next offering, please fill out the form to the right. For more information, please email

Thank you for your interest!


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