Janelle Schneider has a passion for learning, for story, and for personal growth. These passions express themselves through her writing, her work as a spiritual director, personal coach, and Reiki practitioner, and through her speaking and workshop facilitation. Visit her blog to see what she's thinking about lately.
All three of these passions come together in Janelle’s ongoing exploration of the midlife journey, through her own life experience as well as through the teachings of others. This exploration informs her work as a spiritual director, as well as her ongoing journey group work with others interested in learning from one another about and through this important life passage.

The enneagram is another tool for self-discovery and personal growth. An online workshop exploring the basics of this dynamic symbol will be offered in April 2024 through Shekinah: Centre for Deep Listening. For more details, click here or indicate your interest by sending an email to soulquestservices@gmail.com